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Access Business to Business Data Quickly & Easily

Having complete access to an integrated business to business data platform is the key to any successful marketing strategy and BizFACTZ will provide executives with the business information needed. For the past two years, BizFACTZ has been developed to provide a combined database solution to fill the database vacancy in the B2B marketplace. Thanks to Outward Media (OMI) and its’ partners, business people now have a direct path to the valuable marketing tools needed to do their jobs well!

Streamline Marketing Strategies

Professionals in charge of marketing strategies for direct mail, telemarketing and email campaigns no longer have to search numerous databases to find the business data necessary for implementing marketing campaigns. BizFACTZ has been specifically constructed and refined to provide marketers with sourced B2B data and nothing else.

All business to business data included in our database is sourced, cross-referenced and integrated prior to being released. Thanks to these steps, marketing strategy experts can lower the expenses associated with buying business data from a variety of suppliers, eliminate IT mapping challenges and making it easy to generate a higher ROI.

License Business Data

Each and every type of business intelligence tool needs to generate a healthy return-on-investment or risk becoming obsolete. BizFACTZ achieves this goal by ensuring our business tools contain all of the business data elements required of developing multi-channel direct marketing campaign and delivers the goods via a licensed approach of business information.

Our licensed approach delivers a mix of cost benefits, reduced IT mapping challenges and an increased ROI, every time the data is integrated into a business strategy. This integrated marketing strategy approach will result in both higher response and conversion rates. Why leave the fate of your next direct marketing efforts to chance when relying on BizFACTZ, the nation’s most comprehensive and accurate B2B database can help you get the job done well and within budget.